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En-Primeur, Quality Bordeaux wines and Port at low, low prices!

What is En Primeur?

An increasing number of our customers are taking advantage of our access to expert advice and buying wines "En Primeur". En Primeur allows you the opportunity to purchase wines direct from the growers prior to bottling at reduced prices. The reason that the vineyards are prepared to sell a proportion of the vintage at this reduced price is a simple one of cash flow. It would otherwise be a number of years before a financial return was realised from the harvest producers and purchasers alike end up as winners.

Why En Primeur?

  1. Low prices means savings making En Primeur in our experience an excellent financial proposition and a shrewd investment. As the wine matures and its value increases the saving can become considerable.
  2. Mark the birth year of a child. Lay the wine down and keep it to celebrate an 18th or 21st birthday.
  3. Cost effective way to start building up your own wine cellar.
  4. Secure wines now that in the future may prove difficult to source.
  5. You do not have to spend hundreds of pounds. Interesting wines can be purchased very inexpensively.
  6. If you wish to work to a budget, let us know how much you would like to spend, how many cases you wish to purchase and when you would like the wines to reach their peak.

Expert Advice (Bordeaux)

Under guidance of Michel Moulene our resident Bordeaux expert we choose very carefully a selection of wines ranging from interesting inexpensive petit chateaux right up to Grand Cru classe wines for serious collecting.

Help can be given with the selection of your wines. Tasting notes, details of their readiness for drinking and potential for ageing etc are available. If we don't know Michel will.


With regard to many peoples' general concerns when making purchases of En Primeur wines we feel it would be helpful for us to provide the following assurances as regards our firm's practice.

  1. We only purchase from the most established and reputable suppliers who provide us with written confirmation of our orders, as well as invoices, both of which we hold as secure evidence of our purchases. All invoices from our suppliers are paid promptly.
  2. Like our suppliers in Bordeaux we too have a long track record in this activity and over 25 years experience in the wine trade.
  3. We should be pleased to provide recommendations from customers who have purchased en-primeur in the past.
  4. Please do not be frightened to experiment with this method of buying quality wine. Contact us to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have.

Short of Space? No where at home to store your wines?

We have details of fine wine, temperature controlled UK based bonded warehouses, offering cost effective and secure storage. Here the wine can be kept in your account in your name and under your control.

With your wine in bond, payment of VAT and duty can be delayed as it is only applied when the wine is removed. Wine sold under bond would not be subject to VAT and duty at all. Please contact us for further details.

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