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Our Favourite Winemakers

As far as is possible, with over 400 wines in stock, we at Village Wines aim to develop personal working relationships with our wine producers rather than just a cold commercial approach.  Perhaps it is the business they are in but many of our producers are great individual characters which is often personified in their wines. 

Some of our real favourites are set out below and their wines are often to be found in our pre-selected mixed cases.

Claude Serra - Languedoc

When we first encountered the wines from this Vineyard, we were very impressed with the quality throughout the range and what great value for money they were. It came as no great surprise to learn that Claude Serra, the winemaker was a professor at the Montpellier University of Oenology for more than 15 years and is something of an eminence in the Languedoc.

Since 2013, Claude Serra has been in charge of the entire vinification of our wines. He selects wine growers with whom we work in partnership on a long term basis. He spends time looking after the vines, he selects the wine and then decides on the blending. He also supervises the bottling to ensure that the whole process is under control.

Brigette and Claude Robert - Domaine de la Provenquiere - Languedoc

As soon as we tried the wines from Domaine de la Provenquière, located at Capestang, near Beziers in the heart of the Languedoc, we knew we were on to a winner.Their aim, to produce a range of delectable and affordable wines, is achieved by careful long established viniculture methodology backed by modern quality control systems.A winning combination, and the quality is evidenced by their long standing arrangements with highly acclaimed Loch Fyne restaurant chain in the UK.We are very pleased that the Domaine de la Provenquière has agreed to supply wines via Village Wines to reach a wider public.

Anne Hugues – Domaine de la Royere – Cotes du Luberon – Rhone Valley

Visit the Vineyard (may require translator found on the Google toolbar)

Part of their vineyardThe plaque outside the domaineAnne Hugues, the owner and winemaker of Domaine de la Royere, is just the type of individual character we at Village Wines are anxious to promote.  In 1985 at the tender age of 37 this former museum curator turned agriculturalist set about transforming the family vineyard by planting the best known “local” grape varieties, adapting the principle of low yields to produce wines with concentrated flavour and undertaking her own vinification rather than using the local co-operative.  We think she deserves the success her wines are achieving in her own region and we are delighted to offer a range of her products which display her ability to the full.

The Grill Sisters – Chateau de L’Engarran – Languedoc

We knew we were on to a winner when we first tasted the superb AOC Rosé from this estate and it came as no surprise to discover that the Grill family of Chateau L'Engarran has been involved in winemaking for over 300 years. Constance and Diane, the Grill sisters, are at the heart of the winemaking business centred on the beautiful Chateau (a classified Historical Monument) located in the Languedoc near to Montpellier the pride of the Grill family for five generations. The wines produced in the red gravelly soil are spicy and fruity and have all the charm and elegance of the sisters themselves.

Helen Pera - Domaine de Bellevue - Cotes de Thongue – Languedoc

On one of his many visits to southern France Mr Roy Lewry, our intrepid explorer uncovered the excellent wines of Domaine de Bellevue, where perfectionist wine maker, ex Latin teacher and owner "Madame Helene Pera produces wines of the highest order at extremely attractive prices.

In 1977 she decided buy the estate and to undertake the necessary training to produce her own wine. Eight years later of hard work and investment resulted in the birth of her first wine.

We stock three of her red wines, namely syrah, merlot and  cabernet sauvignon.

Philippe Brugnon – Champagne

From the moment we saw Philippe Brugnon remove the tops off his own Champagne bottles with a sabre we just knew he would make interesting wine.  After some (cautious) introductions we discovered Philippe was a member of the Confrérie de Sabre d'Or an ancient Champagne Society whose swordplay is a (relatively) harmless piece of promotional fun. On the events page of the website site there is a picture of the French Maître des Festivités enjoying a glass of Philippe's "Elegance" Champagne.

He owns two premier cru status vineyards in Rilly La Montagne, a charming village located about 10 km from Rheims, the capital of Champagne Country.  Philippe's champagne has great finesse and freshness and his Rosé, made from 100% Pinot Noir, is a wonderful testimony to his skills as a winemaker.  They are also tremendous value for money when compared to the prices demanded by the "Grand Marque" champagne houses.

Alfons Sebastiani- Mosel - Germany - White Wine

To make the hobby the profession”.  This often cherished dream has become reality for Alfons Sebastiani.  Already during his childhood he helped his father with his work in the vineyard.  When only six years old he drove the tractor.  Alfons Sebastiani has grown up with wine and has an intimate relationship with it.  He finished an apprenticeship to become a vintner master and today manages with a deep love for his profession, four hectares of vine cultivation.  His vineyards at Mehring are mainly planted with Riesling and besides this also with Muller-Thurgau, Kerner and Optima.

Afons Sebastiani places great emphasis on traditional viniculture; his wines are allowed to develop individually.  The wine has to taste of wine – and nothing else.  True to this principle the purity of the variety and cleanness are the highest law.  Purity that you can taste.  He likes young, fresh wines and besides the Riesling cultivates in particular the grape varieties Muller-Thurgau, Kerner and Optima because they are so easy to digest.  Their low acidity makes them easy on the stomach and well-liked wines for “casual drinking” – and that these are still quality wines is proven by the numerous prizes at the Federal State level.  The wines of Sabastiani are testimony to the quality this country can still produce.

Weinkeller Leiningerland – Grunstadt - Rheinphalz - Red and White Wine

Only 12% of German Wine production is red wines, and this is generally consumed by the domestic market, very little being available for export. The subject of red German wine has become something of a specialist field for Village Wines. We have been very fortunate to have found Winzerkeller Leiningerland, a small winery in the town of Grunstadt, just outside Heidelberg. Their wines are of the highest quality, winning many national and regional awards.

The red wines are subject to the same strict rules and regulations which govern the production of the white wines. All wine labels are required to show the quality of the wine, ie QbA, Kabinett, Spatlese and Auslese.

The grapes used mainly are Dornfelder and Spatburgunder, (the German version of the Burgundy grape Pinot Noir) producing wines that are refreshing, often light and show more of a fruity than tannic acidity.

The Echeverria Family - Vina Echeverria - Curico Valley - Chile

A long family tradition in wine making, a commitment to excellence and a respect for the environment are the qualities we at Village Wines look for in our winemakers.  The Echeverria winery meets these criteria totally and Roberto and Viviana Echeverria are passionate about continuing the long traditions of the family, who have been prominent in grape growing and winemaking for over a century.  The location of the vineyards adjacent to the Andes mountains and Pacific Ocean has a climate with warm days and cold nights, ideal for producing healthy plants and grapes.  In this winery tradition and know-how blend perfectly and modern facilities and state of the art equipment and winemaking technology.

Franschhoek Cellar - Groot Drakenstein - South Africa

Franschhoek has a colourful prodigy of over 320 years when by chance of history and circumstance, 44 French Huguenots fled religious persecution and were granted land in a lush and verdant valley.

By nature of their knowledge and flair for wine grape cultivation and production, they laid the foundations that successfully established Franschhoek as one of the truly great wine and food destinations in South Africa.

Franschhoek Vineyards Ltd was founded in 1945 by a group of local farmers to vinify their grapes on a co-operative basis. They have long since shed this old co-op image and are now operating as a private winery.

Besides initiating an uncompromised drive to produce great quality wines, Franschhoek Cellar now offers an outstanding value range of single variety wines, capturing the vibrant character and charm of their magnificent valley of wine. (Village Wines of Bexley always has large stocks available for you to buy).

Today, Franschhoek Cellar is a proud and active pillar in the local community. The production of the cellar is in the order of 8000 tons or 560 000 cases per annum. With continued investment, they are very well placed to grow and continue to extend and elevate their proud tradition of wine making started sixty seven years ago.

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