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Wine Tastings

We hold wine tastings throughout the year. There are 3 different formats that we run all of which are held at our shop in Bexley Village.

  1. Tutored Tastings: We hold these week day evenings or Sunday midday. We
    have a guest speaker. A buffet lunch or supper is provided. There is a charge for this style of tasting. We limit the number of spaces to 20 to 25 customers. Early booking is essential we sell out very quickly.
  2. The Saturday Slurp: From time to time we pick on a theme and have a few bottles open in the shop all day Saturday. This is a very informal style of tasting.Customers come and go throughout the day and are free to bring friends and relatives. These tastings are usually free of charge.
  3. Christmas Open Day: This is our annual Christmas party tasting. Once again it’s open house customers come and go throughout the day and we are happy for them to bring friends and family. At this time of year we introduce our new wine list ready for the festive season. We tend to concentrate this tasting on the new wines from this list. It is a great way to introduce these wines to our customers and for us to find out what you think. This tasting is free of charge.

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